CROSS-ART PROCESS PROJECT – A collaborative project devised and produced by Anna Jaaniste.

What happens when a dancer follows a sculptor’s idiosyncratic creative process to make new work? Or when a painter leaves behind his normal working processes and follows a musician’s personal language of music-making?

A group of ten artists, practising across a variety of art forms and mediums, were invited to put into words their very own personal process of making art through improvisation. Ie – what happens during this inner process of creative activity?

The artists were then paired up, and their personal process descriptions were swapped.

Each artist took their partner’s written process into his or her own working environment/medium, and used it as a set of instructions, a launching pad, from which to create new work.

The outcomes of this project were shown in Sydney during October 2011 at a one-night exhibition of work and live performances.

Project details and outcomes are documented in full at the Cross-Art Project website.


SNAKE NATION PROJECTS – A studio/exhibition space founded and directed by Anna Jaaniste.

Based in Newcastle, Australia, for a short period, SNAKE NATION operated as a platform for the development and presentation of contemporary art practices including performance art, spatial practices, sculpture and installation, film, sound, interdisciplinary work, ephemeral work and collaborative projects.

SNAKE NATION housed a studio and exhibition space in a temporary shopfront property, and welcomed artists to use the space to explore their practice, and as an opportunity to present work in development. SN’s interest was in supporting process, collaboration, conversation, and experimentation in diverse artistic practices.

For more info, see the website.


RE-GATHERING –  A night of live art on the foreshore – conceived, curated and produced by Anna Jaaniste for the Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club.

In mid-October 2011, people were invited from all parts of the community to gather on an industrial foreshore site under the Anzac Bridge – to connect and experience an engaging night featuring sculptural and new media installations, film screenings, live music, beautiful heritage timber boats, food, and fire.

Everyone shares the desire to have a physical, cultural and personal place to express their truth. 

The site has had a highly politicised history of community use and potential development – its future is still under negotiation. RE-GATHERING was an opportunity for people to come together, where land and water meet, and celebrate. Art asserting its role in cutting to the core of all of our human-ness.

A grassroots, experiential and community-building event for everyone.

See more documentation of the event here.


INSERT – A series of three laneway art events in Newcastle curated and produced by Anna Jaaniste and Emily Roberts – presented by Octapod.

This series featured cross-artform performance collaborations including a live painting and guitar
improvisation, film screening with live impro electro score, plus poetry readings, art market, food and drinks.

Below: Painter Misha Piratenburger (aka Enrique del Val) and guitarist Luke Greenhalgh:



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