For a long time now I have been thinking of the artist as a conduit.

And more recently, about spoken language, and how it could be thought of as a link between the intellect (idea, imagination) and the sensual (living, nourishment, decay).


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  1. Lisa Roberts

    I think that being a conduit between intellect and sense is a beautiful and useful role for the artist. I first encountered this idea as a teenager, in a book about a Marxist approach to art. The book inspired me to view art not as a comodity, but as a useful process of relating to people and the environment. I’ll let you know if I find the book. Meanwhile here’s an idea that’s very close to that, on a webpage titled ‘Marxism, Art and the Artist’:
    “The work of art in a capitalist society must be a consumer object and therefore must also be an object of desire, a fetish.”Ref.


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